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When it comes to premier insurance companies in Jefferson, Barr Insurance Agency is consistently one of the leaders in the area for providing information for over 50 years. If you're doing a car insurance comparison yourself or simply visiting different auto insurance companies for the best price, make sure to contact us. The reason is we understand the array of possible plans and can help you find the best rates. Along with a knowledgeable staff, you'll also find speedy service when it comes to life, auto and home insurance quotes.


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When you're looking into auto, home or life insurance companies, make sure that the agency you pick spends adequate time with you. While it's true you may find a cheaper rate somewhere, it may not include the same coverage. At other times, you may be paying for more coverage than you actually need. That’s why when you contact us at Barr, we’ll explain each of the policies so you are comparing ‘apples to apples’. Let us help you find the best plans for you by contacting us today. We'll be glad to provide insurance quotes to fit your particular insurance needs.